Workshop on Church Mission Engagement

Church Mission Engagement is a model of congregation participation and development. EFICOR, a faith based organization is supporting CNI SBSS in developing the strategy and facilitating the training modules. CNI SBSS has adopted the concept of  ‘UMOJA’, which is a combination of Group work process of Social work and Christian witness of Love your neighbor. This is a practical and simple approach shared by Tearfund,  a Christian International social work organization. UMOJA is an approach enabling the local congregation to work with neighborhood community to uplift their socio-economic status with the help of congregation resources: financial, skills and time. CNI SBSS aims through its intervention that the congregations would develop and implement programs to empower and develop the marginalized communities in their locality.

CME workshop1

The CME process initiated in January 2017 is at the present focussing on seven Dioceses of Church of North India viz. Amritsar, Barrackpore, Chotanagpur, Mumbai, Marathwada, Patna & Cuttack. 10 priests and 15 lay leaders have been trained on CME on varied topics such as Integral Mission, Poor in the Bible, Evangelism and social work, Advocacy in their respective community or area of work, Information about various govt. welfare schemes, Right to Information Act  and its filling process, developmental work in the communities etc. The first Phase of CME Workshop was conducted at Bhubaneswar from 16th – 20th January 2017 and the second phase workshop was conducted at Ranchi from 20th -24th March 2017.


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