CNI SBSS invites committed individuals who can support CNI SBSS achieve its mission- to restore dignity of marginalised communities through collective efforts.

We welcome your skills, expertise, time and passion to our cause. You will get opportunities to diversify your thinking, skills and experiences and learn to connect our activities with the external world, in a way that is real, meaningful and informative.

You can be an integral part of CNI SBSS working on practical aspects to:

  • promote its work between the masses
  • work on ideas to improve CNI SBSS reach and output
  • help communities directly wherever possible

We want every volunteer/intern – whoever they are, wherever they are based, whatever their role – to have a consistently great experience, now and in the future, from the moment they choose us to offer their time and talents to until they step down from their role, recognizing and celebrating their achievements and the impact they have on our work.

Volunteering/Interning areas at CNI SBSS cover the following:


  1. Promotions: This includes helping in social media promotions, website content creation, blogging and increasing online visibility in other platforms.
  2. Developing Behavioral Change Communication materials: Work on developing plays, songs and other interactive media on different themes, campaigns and issues which are dealt by CNI SBSS
  3. Graphic Designing: Helping in designing creative IECs for communities and CNI SBSS visibility
  4. Fund raising: Help in crowd funding and developing fund raising tools for new project ideas, fund raising campaign ideas
  5. Database Development and Online marketing: Helping in developing donor base, email list and help in online marketing of CNI SBSS
  6. Data Analysis and Interpretation: Help in analyzing data from field and come up with relational infographics and impact reports


  1. Videography: Develop short films on issues and community engagement activities by visiting field areas of CNI SBSS
  2. Photography: Capture the work, ethics and mission of CNI SBSS in pictures
  3. Visibility: Visit other institutions, organizations and churches and do networking on behalf of CNI SBSS
  4. Content Development: Assisting Program team in documentation of field work and best practices
  5. Teaching: Spending time with the community and creatively engaging with children, youth and women in the communities
  6. Campaigning and Awareness Generation: Help in developing campaigns and its roll out in the community through awareness generation, activities etc.
  7. Handle In-kind Donations: Create awareness Collect tangible donations through networking like food, clothes, books etc. on behalf of communities

Contact us at amy@cnisbss.org for more information.