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Being Relevant in Today’s Time

Posted on by CNI SBSS

CNI SBSS has focused on inputting communities on establishing a sustainable model for education delivery, creating efficient water systems and provided training and exposure to farmers on organic farming and kitchen gardening through multi-cropping. Our aim is to provide a better and healthy standard of living for dalits and tribal communities in our reference areas.

Dignity Restored

Posted on by CNI SBSS

Dignity Restored Sujata used to always discourage her relatives when they wanted to visit her and stay with her. She would give excuses about anything possible to stop them from coming and staying with her. Her children too young to understand the reason would get upset and her husband would helplessly decide to ignore the […]

Induction Service of Chief Coordinators for SBSS and SBHS

Posted on by CNI SBSS

Induction Service of Chief Coordinators for SBSS and SBHS Service for Induction of Chief Coordinators of SBSS- Mr. Soumya Ranjan Mohanty and SBHS (Synodical Board of Health Services) – Mr. C. Joshua Rathnam was held on 26 April 2018 at CNI HQ in New Delhi. The service was conducted in tn the presence of the […]

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