See.. a reign in righteousness and rule with justice

A decadal perspective plan known as Resistance and Hope was introduced in 2005, which envisages ‘‘a society based on equality, peace and justice in harmony with nature’’. The perspective aimed at developing campaigns for pro-poor policy, impacting the formulation process and its implementation. The Perspective Plan was divided into three phases, out of which “See…a reign in righteousness and rule with justice” is the last phase which will be concluded in 2016.

The project focuses on the issues related to Right to Livelihood and Food Security, Right to Land, Dalit/ Tribal Identity,  Indigenous Rights and Social Exclusion of Dalit communities with Gender Justice as the cross cutting theme; and Church Mission Engagement as the core energizing force. The efforts are for building and strengthening people’s movement, ensuring access to and control of assets and livelihood, gender mainstreaming and integration of all elements to ensure overall development of the community. The project aims towards institutionalization of CBOs, POs and further capacitate the development of critical mass in the reference areas to build a People’s Movement and to facilitate processes with the State to bring pro-poor legislation similar to Land Reform.

Goal: “CNI SBSS with its partners will strengthen the ongoing movements of the socially excluded community enabling them to be a critical mass in the democratic decision making process where they will be able to manage and sustain their social capital ensuring a life of dignity.”

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