Let My People Go

In India, the dalits (Schedule Caste) and the adivasis (Schedule Tribe) have been socially excluded for past several centuries, this has resulted in their deprivation from all the basic resources and amenities required for survival. CNI SBSS’s past years experience has helped to understand that deprivation for these communities is a multidimensional phenomenon. Poverty for them is not only limited to fiscal but also in relation to other basic necessities of life. This experience has also been validated by different scientific indicators like Human Development Index (Developed in 1990 by Mahbub ul haq and Amartya Sen) and Multidimensional Poverty Index (Developed in 2010 by Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative and the United Nations Development Programme)  which include dimensions like education, health, sanitation, water to asset ownership and income indices. A multidimensional approach towards poverty reduction can set free thee communities from the age old clutches of poverty and ensure that these communities receive an equitable share of the country’s growth.

“Let My People Go” project was launched in 2015 in three states of Church North India’s operational areas viz. Punjab, West Bengal and Jharkhand covering approx. 45 villages. The program focuses entirely on Education, Health, Income generation and Evolve a strategy of Church Mission Engagement for Church of North India by the engagement of locally identified congregation in the Mission.

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