Launch of DBSS Cuttack- “Church in Mission- Urban Engagement through Local Church”

We are proud to announce the launch of DBSS Cuttack #Urban Intervention Programme office, under CNI SBSS project- “Rebuilding Walls, Rebuilding Lives”. The initial programme rollout saw support of Rotary Eye Hospital and Corporator of Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Cuttack to organize Eye check- up camp. A #capacity #building #workshop was also organized for the SHG Groups in Bidanasi, Cuttack.

The Diocese of Cuttack and CNI SBSS has initiated an urban intervention programme-“Church in Mission- Urban Engagement through Local Church”, to use the knowledge and expertise of the local congregations to work as active ‘agents of change’ for development of slums in the city.

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The programme aims to counter the challenges posed by urban poverty which hinder the development of marginalized communities living in slums in the cities. The programme has identified local issues and building capacities of local church pastors and lay leaders in designing programs to address these issues.

This urban venture will cover around 1500 to 2000 households in two big slums in the Cuttack Development Authority (CDA) area. The program covers issues related to children for school education and will set up remedial centers and work with the Education Dept. Health program will be a priority and plan is to work with ULB for provision of safe drinking water and toilet. Also conduct health camps for early detection of illness and linking to health services.

The programme envisages the role of local congregations to be the “Torch Bearers” of this initiative and the main ‘Point of Contact’ for the community. The core planning of the programme and its implementation is being done at the congregational level. They are also doing the resource mobilization- monetary, non-monetary and ensuring full participation and response of congregational members.

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The local congregation is supported by DBSS who is helping them in facilitating the program at the diocese level. They are helping the congregations in planning, oversight of program work, compliances and due diligence, program reporting and documentation, compiling data and information and HR management.

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The programme is overall peered by CNI SBSS to provide technical know-how to Diocese and congregations. SBSS is helping in building capacities of DBSS and congregations and also in monitoring and coordinating the program at national level. Setting up multi-facility training centers for tailoring, Computer DTP and Carpentry and Plumbing as IGP program for economic empowerment of women and youth is in process.

This programme is also running in partnership with Cuttack Municipality and organizations like Rotary International and Lions Club etc.

Involving church leadership in this mission is a priority to support the project work to ensure benefit to the people. What better living witness can be there of sharing the love of Jesus with the marginalised communities?



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