Launch of “Corona Ke Sang Jeena” Campaign by CNI SBSS and DBSS

READ CNI SBSS UPDATE VI- Launch of Campaign “Corona Ke Sang Jeena”

CNI SBSS with DBSS launched the Campaign- “Corona ke Sang Jeena” (Living in times of Corona), to create awareness and equip people on how to live safely during COVID-19 and engage in day-to-day activities at home and at the workplace. As the rural economy is slowly reviving and people are going back to work, it is imperative to prepare and inform people about the necessary precautions and preventive measures they can undertake.

The Rt. Revd. M. U. Kasab, Bishop of Marathwada Diocese and Chairperson, CNI SBSS launched the campaign at DBSS Marathwada in July 2020.

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The campaign activities have been initiated at DBSS – Marathwada, Chotanagpur, Nasik, Phulbani, Durgapur and Calcutta. These include: community meetings and discussions, awareness through wall writing, distribution of educational materials among children to assist them in their studies and livelihood support to communities through MGNREGA, farm activities and SHG activities.

For an effective reach, DBSSs are using an Information Dissemination Vehicle, which takes multiple rounds of various villages and Panchayats and creates awareness on safety measures against COVID-19. This comprises of personal, home and environmental hygiene measures, protocols for workplaces and public places and different Govt. schemes which the community can avail during this time and get benefited. Handwashing with soap, maintaining social & physical distance and use of facemasks is being emphasized.

Ideas were also shared with the community on how they can use locally available natural resources in developing disinfectants, hand-washes, soaps, community hand-washing points and other traditional methods related to health, hygiene and cooking food. Reviving kitchen gardens is also given preference in comparison to total dependence on local market to buy vegetables for daily use. The Remedial Centres have also been re-opened for the children to come and study in small groups. The Child Clubs have initiated safe activities like outdoor games, PT exercises, poetry recitation, role-plays etc. to keep the community children engaged.



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