Land Rights

For the Dalits and Tribals, land is an integral part of their existence and identity. The majority of dalits are landless and their struggle has been to have access to lands and gain legal entitlements. The tribal communities have a different profile of their travails regarding land rights. The compulsion to live outside their land leads to the greater problem of communities migrating to the urban centers. The women and the ageing elders mostly bear the brunt of this migration. Women who are left behind to shoulder the responsibilities of the family are forced to supplement their income through different means. This makes women and children vulnerable to exploitation and trafficking.

Space for intervention on the issue is provided by Forest Rights Act and other provisions related to land allotment/ ownership for dalit and tribal communities. CNI SBSS adopts campaigns as right based intervention to address land issues. We work along with the marginalized communities for rightful land allotment, forest rights of community and increasing the productivity of agriculture land. Annual Income of 1000 households is expected to increase atleast by INR 10,000 through land related interventions by 2019.


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