Induction Service of Chief Coordinators for SBSS and SBHS

Service for Induction of Chief Coordinators of SBSS- Mr. Soumya Ranjan Mohanty and SBHS (Synodical Board of Health Services) – Mr. C. Joshua Rathnam was held on 26 April 2018 at CNI HQ in New Delhi.

The service was conducted in tn the presence of the office bearers of CNI Synod, along with Bishops and Pastors, representing their dioceses, Board members of SBHS and SBSS, CNI Synod staff and other friends and well wishers. It was an auspicious occasion, in which two important people, called by God and chosen by its people, were appointed and inducted to begin their new journey at the CNI Synod.

Both SBHS and SBSS were conceived and established as individual boards by CNI, to serve HIS people and touch their lives by propagating and working to fulfill the Nazareth Manifesto (Luke 4:16-21) given by Jesus Christ.






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