HBHS Campaign: Child Club Activities, DBSS Kolkata

Campaign on WASH at Nowabandh and Mukundapur, and Nohazari  Village – DBSS, Kolkata  counselor

A campaign programme was conducted on Sanitation and Hygiene among the Children’s’ Club members in villages- Shanpukur, Nowabad , Nohazari  and Khanberia by Ruth Mondal, Bonosree Malakar ,Anil Panja and Sushmita Mondal (village volunteers). About 90 children participated in this campaign.

The main objectives of the programme was to continue to impart knowledge on hygiene and hand wash, to promote right attitude and behavior among the children about Hand wash. A great interest was created among the children by using handmade flip card and audio visual aids through laptop about the topics. They became the active listener and practitioner.

The Children Club has decided to continue this campaign through rally and different popular media. They also shared their concern to prevent the water and vector born diseases through Hand Wash Programme.

Children were gifted Soaps to promote the health seeking behaviour.


Celebrating birthday of the member of a children’s Club at Shanpukur Village

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