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Reviving Community Libraries in Rural Maharashtra



Books in Marathi language for children ages between 5 to 12 years are required for small village libraries collectively opened in Nagpur, Kolhapur and Marathwada regions by joint efforts of the youth and the community to promote reading and knowledge sharing. The donated books will help in encouraging extra reading time for the school going children which will help to improve their language and vocabulary. Also introduce them to different moral themes and creative storytelling.

CNI SBSS aims to generate funds to buy books for the community libraries in our working villages in Maharashtra. The books will be distributed to our centers in Nagpur, Kolhapur and Marathwada region. The children will be able to borrow books and also read them by spending time in the centers. Book reading clubs will be formed to discuss the content of the books and cross learning will be initiated. The books will also be used for practicing language and for building vocabulary.

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Children’s Library has been a great initiative at community level to encourage reading skills in children. The idea of opening Community Libraries/Children’s Libraries in the villages has set in a new dawn of change which is helping to develop a love for reading books in the communities. Efforts are being made to encourage children, youth, men and women to visit these libraries and engage in quality reading and learning together. The community is making efforts to collect books through local donations and book campaign. The library committees are also learning new skill of maintaining a formal system of library documentation.



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