Gender Mainstreaming

The social and traditional norms of India, has predominantly confined women to household and reproductive activities. The patriarchal nature of the society restricts women from taking part in the social and political processes. Women are treated as commodities and are victimized by the practices like purdah/ dowry/ feticides. In the tribal communities women have greater freedom and liberties at the level of decision making and reproduction, but this is limited to their social rights whereas in terms of their economical, religious and political rights they are highly subjugated.

CNI SBSS’s interventions aim to ensure greater participation of women in decision making bodies and people’s institutions. Our aim is to improve the socio-economic and political status of women through capacity building, resource ownership, income generation activities, preparing to participate in electoral processes, and collectivization in Self Help Groups etc. In all development processes and activities, gender related concerns are included as an important component. The participation and support of men are vital for the women’s empowerment process. Therefore, CNI SBSS gives equal importance to intervene with men and women; and thus attempts to cease the patriarchal resistance for gender equality. CNI SBSS has also developed gender sensitive policies to promote inclusive working conditions for women and in all opportunities, women are given preferences.

CNI SBSS is presently working with 403 women groups in seven states on women empowerment and income generation.

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