Community Development: From Margin to Many

India was ranked at 102 out of the 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index raising serious and immediate concerns on the issue. Second Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on ending hunger talks exclusively about ending malnutrition, ensuring food security, increasing income of small-scale food producers and sustainable food production systems. “As per the UNICEF’s report -The State of the World’s Children, malnutrition causes 69 percent of deaths of children below the age of five in India”. Malnutrition is a serious issue pulling health indicator down in India. The Project Community Development: From Margin to Many (2020-2023) will focus on addressing malnutrition while looking at larger issue of hunger. The project’s objective isto improve the nutritional situation of young children and women of reproductive age and to increase income of small farmers in intervention areas through natural integrated farming. The new project will focus on nutrition within the broader perspective of ending hunger as the direct intervention issue while sustaining the work on education and WASH achieved in existing project.

The project will closely monitor Government’s Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) programme so that it has an intensive focus on the issue of nutrition. It will look into how developing Nutrition Gardens can play a significant role in making nutritional diet available at the household level in the community. It will also look into how agriculture losses can be reduced with the help of natural integrated farming, which will benefit both the small farmers and the environment. The project aims for a 10 percent increase in BMI (Body Mass Index) in children below six years and women in reproductive age of 4500 households (75 % households of 6000 intervened HH) and 225 farmers (minimum 50 percent women farmers) to have an annual income of INR 70000.

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