Igniting minds of Youth for Building Sustainable Communities

CNI SBSS works with a long-term perspective to equip the skills for livelihood opportunities. We are looking at youth fraternity through the lens of justice and peace who always want positive change in their own family, community, society, state and overall development of country. They are the change agents of society. It is essential to focus on integrated development of youth to help make them a responsible and committed member of their own community.

 The story of Anmol Toppo, 25 yrs, from Chaklabasa village, Bano block in Jharkhand, who was once a school drop-out, unemployed youth, today, is on the verge of becoming a successful goat farmer. But this opportunity to him did not come easy. As a young school going fellow, he was disillusioned and always worrisome regarding his life and future, especially the burden to support his parents and to run the household. His mother is a daily wage labourer and father works as a mason. With a desire to help himself and his family, Anmol joined the local youth group in his village (formed with help of DBSS Chotanagpur) and began to share his thoughts and struggles with the group. After close interactions with his group and DBSS staff, he shared the desire to get training on animal husbandry. Seeing his interest, DBSS staff enrolled Anmol in the animal husbandry training and he was able to receive 15 days training on goat rearing by Department of Animal Husbandry. Seeing his A Grade performance in the training, he was also awarded two lakh rupees by the District Welfare Officials as initial capital to start his own goat rearing business. He invested forty-five thousand to buy nine goats and opened a small goat farm by fencing 30 decimal of land with a shed at his home. His future plan is to increase the number of goats through mating and selling them to local market for their meat.  This initiative has given a new purpose in Anmol’s life and other youth in the community are also encouraged by seeing Anmol’s hard work.

Through many other opportunities like these, CNI SBSS is empowering the community youth to stand on their feet and build their future. Apart from income generation activities, the youth are avidly involved in community development programs by doing collective activities like health camps, awareness programs, tree plantations, farming and also encouraging the habit of reading and discussing through community libraries and youth clubs. Youth cultural meets and Sports Day help them to bond together and rejuvenate their mind and bodies. Regular youth meetings are held along with workshops to open their minds and enhance their skills. This has paved way for building sustainable communities who work as one unit in order to become agents of change, thereby contributing to India’s growth story.


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