Closure of Campaign “Corona Ke Sang Jeena”

CNI SBSS Initiative for Creating Awareness & Restoring Livelihoods impacted by COVID-19

CNI SBSS along with Diocesan Boards of Social Services successfully completed the one month long awareness campaign- “Corona Ke Sang Jeena”. The campaign’s foremost objective was to disseminate life-saving messages in the community related to preventive measures of COVID-19. The campaign also helped to dispel many myths related to the disease while promoting health recommendations and medical guidelines set by the Government of India.

The use of Information Dissemination Vehicles (small trucks, autos, vans) helped in spreading awareness using loudspeakers, posters and pamphlet distributions in the community covering more than 81 villages across five states of India. People were encouraged to wash hands frequently with soap and water, wear face masks in public places, avoid meeting people with cold and cough, observe physical distance, avoid crowded places, and stay home as much as possible. Wall Writings were also effective in disseminating information through catchy slogans and messages related to COVID-19, health and hygiene. At few places community meetings were held maintaining physical distancing which was effective in community dialogue to take out suppressed fears among the people and also gave them a platform to take guidance and suggestions from DBSS teams and from invited local health professionals. Other information mediums like local songs, street plays and videos in regional languages on the theme of COVID-19 were used for generating awareness. Farmer groups, SHGs, widows and elderly were informed about different Govt. schemes which they can avail during this time by the DBSS. DBSS partners reached more than 27,772 individuals through the awareness activities.

While teachers and students in urban areas have resorted to distance learning, children in rural areas have missed out on education as they don’t have the means of attending online classes. To encourage children to not lose interest in studies and keep on honing their creative and artistic skills, educational materials like notebooks, stationery, colour pencils and painting sets were distributed among the community children through the various Child Clubs at 10 DBSSs. 2266 children between ages 3-18 years got benefitted under it. 1994 children were reached under the age bracket of 6-14 years. Apart from this, children were informed on preventive measures for COVID-19 through group activities. The Remedial Centre teachers kept in touch with the parents in the community

204 women from more than 33 SHGs and 13 men were supported with seed money to engage in livelihood activities like organic farming and allied activities like goatery, poultry, piggery etc., for buying agricultural equipment, NTFP (Non-timber Forest Produce) collection, leaf-plate making, for making jute products, pickle making, cloth-bag making, washing powder and phenyl making. DBSS Kolhapur is training 30 women at the new Garment Making Unit in stitching masks, gowns etc.

CNI SBSS along with Diocesan Boards of Social Services will continue to support and guide the communities through this crisis to build informed citizens who will be able to adapt to this new change and environment with good immunity and resilience.


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