A new vision to life- Story of *Chhavi

A ray of new hope was given to a 14 year old *Chhavi and her mother from Kathajodi Bihar Slum Colony in Cuttack City.  When Chhavi was three years old, she met with an accident and got a severe injury on her right eye and lost her vision at the age of three. The injury gave a bulging effect to the eye which made her uncomfortable to see. Her parents tried to give her immediate medical help but due to lack of finances, they were unable provide her with the required treatment and surgery. Eventually they decided to migrate to the city to earn better and save money for her eye surgery. But after migrating to the city, after few years back, her father abandoned. To meet the needs of the family, her mother works as a domestic help, through which she earns a meagre income. Though her mother wants to get Chhavi’s eyes treated, she has no extra money for the treatment.

Chhavi studies in seventh standard at Govt. Project Upper Primary School and lives with her mother in the slum. Under health initiative, DBSS Cuttack organized a free eye check- up camp in the slum in association with Rotary Club of Cuttack Central. Chhavi’s mother took her to the eye camp where the Doctors identified her serious eye condition. Doctor suggested for an eye surgery and implant of an artificial eye. DBSS Cuttack got to know about the case and decided to support Chhavi’s surgery. Following that, Chhavi received financial support of Rs 30,000 by Cuttack Diocese to undergo the surgeries from a Government Hospital.  The first surgery was conducted at the JPM Rotary Eye Hospital Cuttack. The secondary eyeball implant was done later in the year 2018 and the final artificial eye implant was done in the beginning of 2019. Both the surgeries were successful. Now Chhavi is back to her normal life and enjoying her school and her time with friends.

Chhavi and her mother are grateful for the support of the diocese and look forward to continual guidance. Post recovery, on asking Chhavi what she looks forward to, with excitement in her she says- “I want to now spend more time playing with my friends without inhibition, especially kabaddi. Also listen to music and study the Odiya language which is my favourite subject at school. I want to work hard at school and become a better human being. I want to become a teacher when I grow up. I also want to take care of my mother and serve the society. “

On asking her mother about the role DBSS has played to bring a positive change in their lives, she gladly shares- “Earlier Chhavi and I used to feel hopeless and my focus was mainly on the struggles. But DBSS has helped me to look life with a positive perspective. They not only helped me to get my daughter’s eye surgery done, but also helped me become part of a SHG which provides me hope for a secure future. My daughter is also part of the Child Club managed by the DBSS which is very good for her development. Earlier I didn’t understand all this, but now I do. “

Stories like Chhavi are bearing witness for many other children and their parents in the slum areas of Cuttack. If you want to help children like Chhavi and support their activities through Child Clubs, formed in the community to hone their creative skills, you can support through this link:

* Name has been changed to protect the identity of the child


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