Rights and Advocacy Tool Kit

Indian Constitution guarantees rights to every individual without biases and discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, class and religion. But, the marginalized communities have been kept aware of these rights, that they are entitled by those who have been exploiting them. But, the language and the content of the constitution are not simple to interpret, understand and accept for those who had been excluded from the entire development spectrum.

21ACNI SBSS decided to develop a tool kit on Rights and Advocacy as per the requirement of the communities and the implementing partners i.e Diocesan Board of Social Services (DBSS). Main objective of the tool kit is to make the marginalized communities understand Fundamental rights, Role of State and Constitution in the simplest way. The tool kit is designed in such a way that it has activities and discussion from their local context, so that it’s convenient for them to understand and accept these concepts. The tool kit consists of the Manual and supporting material such as Flash card and Flip charts.

IMG_1458lkThe goal of the training program is to enhance the bargaining capacities of the people’s organizations to access their rights, entitlements and provisions. The modules on Human Rights and State & Constitution intends to support the community organization and people’s organization with adequate amount of information on Rights, Role of State and Constitution to change the mindset of the communities about themselves and other communities; and thus build their conviction to attain their benefits and entitlements. Activities were designed to make them analyze that Human Rights are equal for all human beings and impact of accessing and not accessing rights and provisions. The module on MGNREGA (Employment Guarantee Scheme) aims to capacitate the people’s organization in preparing effective programs and activities to ensure that they receive an equitable share of the country’s growth. Role plays were designed to support the procedures under the act. The Rights Advocacy Tool Kit contains the manual and all the materials required for the trainer to conduct the workshop. The manual will be translated into regional languages in the coming days.


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