Kinder’s Plight

“I want to live peacefully with my family” said Kinder who was in tears. Kinder had been tired of the violence she and her children had been subject to by the hands of her husband. The children do not go to school anymore and their father has stopped spending money for their day to day needs, in spite of living under the same roof.

It was not the same when Kinder got married to Mither thirteen years ago; they had two healthy children and lived a happy family. Mither earned enough as truck driver to feed his family and meet their needs. They lived in Abusaid village in Ajnala, Punjab. It all started when Mither brought home a woman, introducing her as his distant relative and that she needs to undergo treatment at a hospital nearby. Unaware of the menace, Kinder welcomed her and took care of her. It did not take long for Kinder to realize that her husband shared an illicit relationship with that woman. When Kinder confronted her husband, she was beaten and abused. Ever since then, Kinder was abused and harmed for any demand she made. He stopped spending money for their household things and refused to pay his children’s fees, because of which they had to discontinue school.

The violence and abuse had become a daily routine now. Kinder could not see her children suffering because of this. She was finding it difficult to even feed her children, left alone sending them to school. When she was not able to bear it any longer, she left her home and went to her parent’s house. Her parents were taken aback listening to all that Kinder had gone through. They immediately decided to complain against Mither. Kinder along with her mother went to Ramdas police station and complained against Mither, the police did listen to all that they said and pacified them. But the police officers did not take any action against Mither. Every time Kinder’s family visited the police station, they were sent back with false assurance. Kinder’s family felt dejected and they realized that there was no point in going back to the police station again.

Women Grievance Cell

Kinder got to know about Mahila Shikayat Niwaran Sabha (Women Grievance Cell) through a Community Enabler of DBSS Amritsar. She encouraged Kinder and her family to file their complaint in the grievance cell. DBSS Amritsar had been working on the issue of violence against women with community members by creating awareness, conducting workshops, forming committees and empowering women. Kinder and her family, without any delay approached the women grievance cell and Mazdoor Adhikar Sangathan under DBSS Amritsar in Ajnala. Kinder shared her plight with the committees and submitted an application on 30th May 2015. Mither was immediately contacted by the grievance cell. When they verified that what Kinder had shared was true, they advised and warned Mither that if he does not mend his ways and take care of his family, they will register a case of domestic violence against him.

On 7th June 2015 both the families were summoned by the Women Grievance Cell and Mazdoor Adhikar Sangathan in Ajnala. Village leaders and elders of both the families were also summoned. After due deliberation and counseling, Mither accepted his fault and promised not to continue any illicit relationship. “I want to live peacefully with my family” said Kinder who was in tears, when she was asked to speak. An agreement was signed by both the parties in the presence of the committees and village leaders. Kinder and Mither are now living peacefully with their children. The community enabler of DBSS Amritsar is also following-up with family to guide and support them.

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