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Sanitation and Hygiene Campaign

Until now twenty six thousand and ninety five people have pledged to practice and promote Sanitation & Hygiene practices.

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Swachhata Se Samriddhi

A Sanitation and Hygiene Awareness Campaign to Develop a Prospering India

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Success Stories


Sustained with Dignity

When the landlord asked about bringing their eldest son to work to repay the debts, she decided that her children should not have the same fate.

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“We deserve it as much as they do”

A fuming higher caste member announced “You do not deserve such benefits” and rushed out of the room.

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Our Publications

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PRI Election Process Manuals

Trainer’s Manuals to capacitate community members and local leaders on Panchayat Raj Institutions, in Odisha, West Bengal, Haryana, Punjab, and Jharkhand.

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Rights and Advocacy Tool Kit

Training program to capacitate the marginalized communities on Fundamental rights, Role of State and Constitution in the simplest way.

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